WOC 2008 - Long

2008-07-19, Czech Republic, Skřípov

Interactive analysis:
  • Race animation: Click on the class link bellow and hit "Play" button.
  • Routes study: Select a leg from the combo box in the rigth top corner. The map will get focused and split-times sorted.
  • Coloured split-times: Scroll under the map to see competitors loss at first sight.

  • The application is supposed to be intuitive. If you need a help, you can find it here. Java 1.1.6 or higher is required.

    Important moments
    Automatic animations - The animation starts in 3 seconds after page loaded. Do NOT click on the Play button.
    Daniel Hubman lost at 2nd control The longest leg - Men 16th control Daniel Hubmann takes the lead - Men 29th control
    The longest leg - Women 10th control Dana Brožková takes the lead - Women 22th control

    You can go to TracTrac website to see more GPS routes of selected runners for this race.

    You can watch champions routes and important moments from Sprint, Long qualification and Middle too.

    Data for better analysis in desktop application (routes, race animation, coloured split-times, charts, legs among different classes comparison).