WOC 2008 - Sprint

2008-07-13, Czech Republic, Olomouc

Interactive analysis:
  • Race animation: Click on the class link bellow and hit "Play" button.
  • Routes study: Select a leg from the combo box in the rigth top corner. The map will get focused and split-times sorted.
  • Coloured split-times: Scroll under the map to see competitors loss at first sight.

  • The application is supposed to be intuitive. If you need a help, you can find it here. Java 1.1.6 or higher is required.


    Important moments
    Automatic animations - The animation starts in 3 seconds after page loaded. Do NOT click on the Play button.
    Route choice - Men 8 control Route choice - Women 5 control
    The most different route choice - Men 11 control Route choice - Women 14 and 15 controls

    Data for better routes analysis in desktop application (routes, race animation, coloured split-times, charts, legs among different classes comparison).