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Federation Teams - WOC "Olympic Village"

The Event Centre of WOC 2008 will be organised in an "Olympic village" manner with all places located close to each other (maximum distance 200 meters):

  • Central WOC building including the Event Office, Team Leaders Meeting Hall, Media Centre, and several classrooms or gyms for team meetings.
  • Accommodation in 2 blocks of University student residence with total capacity of 500 beds (student rooms are offered for 16 EUR per person and night).
  • Food service in University restaurant (offers fullboard for WOC participants for 17 EUR per day; On some days, on account of the tight time schedule, lunch, including hot dishes, will be served at the finnish arenas of the races).



Special offer of accommodation arrangement and booking

As we understand the importance of creating quality and quiet accommodation environment for top athletes, we offer all National Teams the option to book entire self-containing apartments within the buildings of student residence.  This self-containing unit includes 2 kitchens and 4 independent WC-shower rooms and can accommodate:

  • for apartments from 1st floor and above up to 13 persons in 9 rooms (distributed in 5 single bed and 4 double beds)
  • for ground floor apartments up to 12 persons in 8 rooms (distributed in 4 single bed and 4 double bed rooms)

Plan of apartment with 9 rooms

Plan of apartment with 8 rooms


If you decide to book the entire apartment, you will have the security of independent and undisturbed organisation of your team life. Of course, in this case you shall pay the prize of whole apartment, independent of the number of beds you will be using. Please note when renting the entire apartment you are not allowed to place more persons than is the total number of beds available in this apartment.

The booking of entire apartments for the teams is subject to room availability and will be distributed strictly on first come – first serve basis, therefore interested teams are strongly advised to book as soon as possible.


Mix team accommodation zone 

All National teams are also offered the accommodation option based on exact number of beds. In this case the accommodated team within the same apartment unit have to count with less privacy due to sharing of common spaces (corridors, kitchens, WC and showers) with other accommodated participants.


How to book your team accommodation:

You will officially book your team accommodation corresponding to the number of your team members in the official on-line entry form on WOC web pages. As this on-line form does not allow to specify mentioned accommodation offers, all teams are advised to contact the WOC accommodation manager Robert Zdrahal to discuss available options and to book selected places in University residence.

Robert Zdrahal
Phone: Office +420 585 242 472, Mobile +420 602 805 696


IOF Officials and WOC Guests

We recommend the Tennis Club Hotel in Prostějov, where we are able to offer attractive special WOC 2008 rates (per room):

  • single room with breakfast - 40 EUR/night
  • double room with breakfast - 70 EUR/night
  • single room with full board - 50 EUR/night
  • double room with full board - 90 EUR/night
Please use the online accreditation system.

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