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IOF Congress

The IOF Congress and General Assembly will take place at the same time as WOC 2008. The IOF General Assembly will be held on Friday 18 July 2008 at the Hotel Tennis Club in Prostějov.


The official IOF Congress programme:

  • Wednesday 16th July – IOF Pre-General Assembly Seminar; IOF, Media & VIP Race
  • Friday 18th July - XXIV IOF Ordinary General Assembly


We reccomend the Hotel Tennis Club in Prostějov for accommodation for IOF Delegates and Guests, where we offer attractive WOC 2008 rates. 



An accreditation with full detailes and prices is available on the WOC website: IOF & VIP accreditation. IOF Delegates and Guests can accreditate and book accommodation, boarding, transport and other services. After accreditation WOC organizers send the invoice for  required services. Accommodation and entries will be confirmed, when the relevant payment has been received by the 30th June 2008.

The booking of accommodation for IOF Delagates and Guests must reach the WOC 2008 office no later than 30th April 2008. Number of rooms in the Hotel Tennis Club in Prostějov is limited. When the hotel will be full, accommodation will be arranged in other Prostějov hotels near the hotel Tennis Club. Please book accommodation and as soon as possible.


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