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On-line Registration of National Teams

National federation:

Entries and reservations for accommodation, board and transport will not become valid until we receive full payment, which must be submitted not later than by 15th June 2008 (see Payments).

Final entries for Federation teams, detailing second name, first name, gender, date of birth and passport size photo of each athlete and team official shall reach the WOC 2008 office not later than 30th June 2008. For more details see Bulletin 3 (to be published in May 2008).

There is no entry fee for national teams from following countries: PRK Democratic People‘s Republic of Korea, TUR Turkey, COL Colombia, LIE Liechtenstein, and TPE Chinese Taipei ,since the WOC 2008 organisers deem it right to waive charges for runners from the five countries in which orienteering is considered least developed.

Entry Permits to Czech Republic

According to the current regulations, citizens of the following IOF full member countries must obtain a visa in order to enter the Czech Republic:

Belarus, Colombia, People’s Republic of China, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Moldova, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Croatia, Republic Serbia, South Africa.

Visas have to be applied for at your nearest Czech Embassy.

Please note that conditions of entry to the Czech Republic can change and all WOC participants are advised to keep abreast of the current situation by consulting their local Czech Embassy - see the website:

http://www.czechembassy.org .


Payments to WOC 2008 will be payed in step with invoices which will be sent till 7th June 2008. These payments has to be payed via bank transfer till 15th June 2008:

Beneficiary: Česká orientační, s.r.o., Zátopkova 100/2, 160 17 Praha 6
Account No.: 180463343
Beneficiary's AccountNo.(IBAN): CZ6106000000000180463343
Beneficiary's Bankname/address: GE Money Bank, Vítězné náměstí 2, 160 00 Praha 6
Bank Identification Code(SWIFT): AGBACZPP

Please note that the payer is responsible for all bank fees and charges.

Entries will not be deemed valid until we receive full payment.

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