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Training areas for WOC 2008

  • overview training maps for the WOC 2008 (PDF format - 2 MB)
  • Maps listed here are the official WOC 2008 training maps. It is also possible to order other relevant maps in the surrounding areas. This shall be done after direct contact to owner clubs. For more information visit the the map server of the Czech Orienteering Federation at: http://csob.tmapserver.cz

Cena střední moravy
One of the last training oportunities before woc itself.
More at: http://csm2008.o-run.eu/en

Nomination Competitions


WOC 2008 organisers offer to each team possibility to utilize nomination competitions, prepared in the same region as the Championships and in relevant terrains. These will be prepared in these days and locations:

Sprint:    Friday 27 June, morning, Šumperk, a city around 60 km nortwestbound from Olomouc and close to the location of nomination competition for middle. In the area, sprint event of EYOC 2005 took place, but it will be newly mapped, using ISSOM 2005.

Middle:    Tuesday 24 June afternoon or Friday 27 June afternoon, Stará Ves-Žďárský potok. This terrain is very near to the WOC middle location and directly adjacent to the area of model for middle.

Long:    Thursday 26 June morning or Sunday 29 June morning at Jedovnice, using the map of Czech Championships in Ultralong 2008. This is located around 55 km to southwest from Olomouc, in the same region as where WOC long/relay will pass.

Entries: please send to , starting fee is 6 EUR per each participant and each event (except long distance, which is 8 EUR).

Other training programme possibilities

Individual training programmes and races can be arranged on request. Please consult the WOC 2008 web page at woc2008.orientacnisporty.cz for the latest information concerning official and individual training opportunities, and training map offers. For information concerning WOC 2008 training please contact: Martina Jindřišková, Email: ; mobile: +420 775 929 717.

Another training opportunity meriting consideration by WOC participants is the Moravian Open Championships (sprint, long, middle, relay) which take place on 11 - 13 April 2008 in the Olomouc/Prostějov region - for more information visit the organiser’s web page at http://ob.skprostejov.cz.

Selection races for national teams can be organised on request during the weekend of 28 - 29 June 2007. Please contact Martina Jindřišková at for more details.



WOC2008 Official Training Camp I - „Czech Meeting 2007“- 8 - 14 October 2007


Training Camp I will take place during the week following the 2007 World Cup Final in Switzerland. The camp venue is the „Bohemialand“ recreational centre near Zlaté Hory, in northern Moravia (about 120 km north of the WOC 2008 Centre in Olomouc). A variety of high quality maps from recent Czech national orienteering events cover areas immediately surrounding the training camp centre or within a 15-minute car drive of the latter. Middle and Long Distance WOC 2008 model events at „Czech Meeting 2007“ will be organised for participants in conjunction with the regional orienteering event which takes place over the weekend of 13 - 14 October 2007.

Moravian Open Championship 2008 - 10 - 13 April 2008



WOC 2008 Official Training Camp II– „Czech Spring 2008“- 1 - 4 May 2008

Training Camp II will take place in the first week of May, on the terrain of the 2007 Czech Long Distance Championships near the town of Vizovice, in southeast Moravia (about 80 km southeast of the WOC 2008 Centre in Olomouc).

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