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How to use municipal transport in Olomouc

07/10/08 01:16 AM
Olomouc is a city with great network of public transport. Here we slightly describe the ways you will mostly need during WOC and try to help you with traveling by tram/bus.

There are four main places between which you will probably need  to travel. The most important is “Neředín”, where the Event and Media Centre is. You can get there from main railway station as well as from “Envelopa”  by tram number 7. This tram goes from the railway station (=“Hlavní nádraží”) through “Envelopa” to “Neředín, krematorium”, which is the end station of the line and also the station, where you need to board off for Neředín event centre. Tram number 2 goes also from the railway station to “Neředín, krematorium”, not via “Envelopa” but it goes through the centre of the city. Unfortunately there are some repair works on the line from 5.7. to 15.7. on the way through the centre, so the direct tram number 2 will be available since 16.7. only. Until 15 July, there is a bus X instead, which goes from the main station (from the stop F) through the centre to “Palackého” and the same way back. For further way to Neředín from „Palackého“, take temporary tram number U or 7. If you arrive to Olomouc by bus, next to the Bus station (= “Autobusové nádraží”), take tram (there is only line 4 or X4 now), direction Nová Ulice. After two stops, there is railway station where you can change for 7.

The last tram number 7 goes from “Hlavní nádraží” at 19:38. In the late hours, until around 23:20, you can use tram bus X (“Hl.nádraží” - centre - “Palackého”) and then tram U, as described above, or tram X4 and change for U at „Okresní soud“. This is for days between 5.7. and 15.7. Since 16 July, simply take direct number 2 from station. After midnight, night bus 52 can be used from railway station, to stop U Kovárny, which the nearest possibility how to get to Neředín.

There are the same tickets for buses and for trams. You can buy them in a newsagent´s or in yellow automats which are usually on or near the stops. Instructions for using them are simple. At first you should choose which ticket you want and then insert the coins (1 Kč, 2Kč, 5Kč, 10Kč or 20Kč).
There are more kinds of ticket which you can use. One costs 10 CZK (crowns) for 40 minutes and it is a transfer ticket. You can buy it also from the driver where it costs 14 crowns. At the weekend  this ticket is for 60 minutes. Another ticket costs 30 crowns and can be used 24 hours after marking it. There is also a ticket for 7 days which costs 90 crowns but this is not available in automat. You should mark the ticket immediately after you get on the vehicle in yellow punching machine.

Note: 1 EUR = about 23.50 CZK
Maps of city transport system can be seen here.
Timetables can be downloaded here.

We hope it will be easier to travel in Olomouc now.

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