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Entry form for download (MS Excel)

Orienteering Festival 2008

International 6 - Days Orienteering Competition

Event Information

(PDF format for download HERE)


14 – 19 July 2008 (Monday to Saturday)

Czech Orienteering Federation (ČSOB), KOB Konice, OOB SKUP Olomouc

Event Centre:
City of Olomouc, College „Generála Svobody“ of the „Envelopa“ university campus, Šmeralova street 12

Orienteering Festivalu 2008 Centre


Orieteering Festival 2008 and WOC Programme:

DateOF 2008OF ´08
OF ´08
(same for both)
WOC 2008
WOC comp.
13 July
    Sprint Qualification
Sprint Final
14 July
E1Long10:00Čechy pod Kosířem  
15 July
E2Long13:00DalovLong QualificationMorning
16 July
E3Middle10:00Bělkovice - Lašťany  
17 July
E4Middle12:00Stará Ves u RýmařovaMiddle Qualification
Middle Final
18 July
19 July
E6Middle14:00SkřípovLong FinalMorning
20 July


D10, D12, D14, D16, D18, D20, D21E, D21A, D21B, D21C, D35L, D35K, D40L, D40K, D45L, D45K, D50L, D50K, D55L, D55K, D60, D65,
H10, H12, H14, H16, H18, H20, H21E, H21A, H21B, H21C, H35L, H35K, H40L, H40K, H45L, H45K, H50L, H50K, H55L, H55K, H60, H65, H70, H75,
P3, P5, HDR
Orienteering Festival 2008 is a six-stage competition. D classes are for women, H classes for men. L and K marked veteran classes differ with length - L classes are by around one third longer than K classes.
In case of more than 80 entries to one class, it will be split to more subclasses.
Direct entry classes P3 and P5 (course lenght 3 or 5 km) are determined to wide public, no difference of age or gender. Class HDR is determined to parents with childern. In classes P3, P5 and HDR, it is possible to start whenever between starting time 000 and 120, just with one minute interval between competitors on start. In these classes, it is possible to enter for single stage and register in the day of the competition, up to the number of vacancies.

Course parameters:
For download formats XLS (83 kB) a PDF (43 kB).

Four best results from particular stages are counted in the overall classification. All competitors, who take part in at least two stages will be included in the overall classification. Exact description of classification system will be published on the woc2008.cz website until 15 June 2008.

Competitors From The Czech Republic
Through the registration system of Haná region ( http://obhana.cz/prihlasky.asp). More details are described in the Czech version of this document.
Competitors From Abroad
Please, download the entry form and after filling in, send it to the e-mail: (entry is valid after confirmation of its receiving).

Entry Fees:

Received until:15 April 0815 May 0815 June 08
Classes D/H10–D/H14, D/H60, D/H65, H70, H75 (all 6 stages)400 CZK500 CZK600 CZK
Other classes (all 6 stages)600 CZK700 CZK800 CZK
P3, P5, HDR / one stage100 CZK100 CZK100 CZK
SI rental / day50 CZK50 CZK50 CZK

After 15 June 2008, entries are accepted until vacancies are available, and anyway until 1 July 2008 only and for entry fee twice higher than rates by 15 April 2008. Otherwise, it is possible to entry for P and HDR Classes at the registration desk.
After 15 June 2008, cancellation fee is 50 % of the entry, after 1 July 2008, entries will not be returned.
Current exchange rate (January 2008) is around 26 CZK per 1 EUR.

Accommodation is arranged at the College „Generála Svobody“, located in the „Envelopa“ university campus, close to the city centre. The college is created by two four-storied buildings, both recently thoroughly reconstructed. Apartment units include two three-bed rooms and own sanitary facility. Both rooms share common kitchen, fitted with two-plate cooker, tea kettle and microwave oven. Fridge, phone connected to the university network and internet connection are available in rooms. Common washing machine is at disposal. Free parking is possible immediately next to the college.
For the competition period from 10 to 20 July 2008, bargain price of 180 CZK per person and night was arranged.
More information, photos and location on the map can be found on:

As cheaper accommodation possibility, gym of House of youths’ activities (DDM) located nearby, is also at disposal. Indeed, its capacity is limited and its full occupation will be announced on woc2008.cz website. Price is set to 70 CZK per person and night, with use of own sleeping bag. Toilets and showers are available.

No other type of accommodation will be arranged by organizers. Possibilities of individual accommodation in Olomouc will be presented on the woc2008.cz website, in the “accommodation” section or you can choose from the offer on the official Olomouc tourism website:

Nearest public camps:
Šternberk - Dolní Žleb (20 km) – www.campsternberk.cz
Mostkovice (25 km) – www.mybox.cz/atc/
Mohelnice (30 km) – www.atc-morava.cz
Plumlov (30 km) – www.camp-zralok.cz

In arenas of all stages, meals and refreshments will be offered from stalls.
Competitors accommodated in the college and DDM gym can book breakfasts and dinners prepared in the college canteen. Due to the competition schedule, lunches will not be offered. Flat price of 70 CZK will be charged either for breakfast or for dinner.

Nearby accommodation areas, cost-free parking places of sufficient capacity will be available.
Parking at competition stages will be charged with minor fee.

Please, make all payments to the credit of this account:
– Bank account: 14336701/0100
– Bank name: Komerční banka, a.s.
– Bank address: Beneše 193, 798 52 Konice
– IBAN: CZ9001000000000014336701
– Variable symbol: 4-digit number of your own choice, write this number to the heading of the entry form.
All bank charges are payable by sender.

Saturday 12 July 2008, 12:00 - 22:00 in the event center
Sunday 13 July 2008, 10:00 - 22:00 in the event center
Presentation to the direct entry P3, P5 and HDR classes and additional entries will be possible in the competition arena on the day of competition.

Cartographers: Zdeněk Lenhart, Petr Mareček, Petr Hranička, Jan Drbal, Radim Ondráček, Martin Lejsek, Roman Horký. Maps will be waterproof protected. Mapped by spring 2008, using ISOM 2000. Scale 1:15 000 used for long, scale 1:10 000 for middle.
Competitors will keep their maps after finish – we believe in keeping the fair-play spirit.

Central-European terrain with dense network of roads, lot of terrain and vegetation details. Three stages will take place in the same location as the WOC competition or immediately adjacent.


DateStageLocationDistance from centre
14 July 2008E1Čechy pod Kosířem25 km
15 July 2008E2Dalov30 km
16 July 2008E3Bělkovice - Lašťany10 km
17 July 2008E4Stará Ves u Rýmařova55 km
18 July 2008E5Olešnice35 km
19 July 2008E6Skřípov40 km


Individual transport is possible. Organizers offer possibility to book bus transportation to all six stages, for the price of 400 CZK in total.

Punching System:
SportIdent. SI card can be rented for 50 CZK per day. In case of loss, refund of 1 000 CZK will be charged.

Main Organizers:
Director: Jindřich Smička, tel.: 605 229 656, email:
Main judge: Miroslav Hlava, tel. 605 299 453, email:

All competitors take part at their own risk.
Cost-free first aid will be given after finish only. Refund of all the other medical aid will be born by the competitor through its medical insurance.

Baby spot with surveillance will be available in arenas of each stage.

Entire Olomouc region offers plenty of significant historical landmarks, cultural monuments, natural points of interest and places to spend free time with sport or leisure. We recommend for example historic centres of Olomouc, Prostějov and Šternberk, castles Bouzov, Sovinec and Helfštýn, chateaus Úsov, Náměšť na Hané and Čechy pod Kosířem, caves at Javoříčko and Mladeč, zoo at Svatý Kopeček (Holly Hill) on the outskirts of Olomouc or enjoy biking routes in the surrounding of Morava river northwest from Olomouc. More tips and information can be found at webpage: http://www.olomouc-tourism.cz/.
Culture programme accompanying WOC in its centre will be described later on the competition webpage woc2008.cz.

Title sponsor

CEZ Group


Government partners

The Olomouc Region
The City of Olomouc
The City of Prostějov



TK Plus
Czech Orienteering Federation