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Entering Embargoed Areas

01/05/08 00:29 AM
Organising committee and national controller agreed on conditions for entering embargoed areas (EA) as follows. In the EA 7 (Rýmařov and Jeseníky), which covers terrains of middle distance competition, entrance is allowed to the areas of maps Mrtvý muž and Kamenec only. In the EA 14 (Konice, area of long and relays) map V Jeřábech can be used.


For other embargoed areas, information published in the Bulletin Nr. 2 is still valid, thus EA 3 (Protivanov), EA 10 (Bouzov) and EA 12 (Vsetín) are embargoed no more, but entrance to all other embargoed areas is still completely forbidden. no matter if they cover competition areas or not. Location of EA and information on maps is shown and described at http://csob.tmapserver.cz/woc2008/.

Moreover, we also remark, that based upon Forest law of the Czech Republic, arrangement of any organized event is allowed only under agrrement with owner of the concerning grounds. Normal training of group of people is also considered to be organized event and is thus subjected this condition. From this reason, as well as for agreement on further conditions for trainings, we ask you to contact either WOC technical director David Aleš ( ) or trainings‘ coordinator Martina Jindřišková ( ) before any training.

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