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One of the very best WOCs ever

08/18/08 22:39 PM
Almost one month after the event, let us remember it through the words of one  
of the gold medallists, Thierry Gueorgiou.
„I really want to thank all the organizers for their work during WOC. For me, it was one of the very best WOCs ever (since the first WOC I ran in, which was 1997). The atmosphere was pretty nice and the competitions I ran – just except for the sprint qualification – were challenging (mapping style, courses).  

But most of all, I have to say that I saw one of the best examples of TV coverage ever. I really enjoyed watching the TV broadcasts. The most interesting concept was to show on TV one full leg in the forest (e.g. 11-12 in the middle distance). I think it is more or less the first time that we could see on TV top orienteers facing challenging orienteering over an entire leg. It was great.

All the organisers did a very good job, you can be proud! You deserved a gold medal too."

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