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Press Conference

08/14/07 19:50 PM
On 10 August 2007, marketing agency TK PLUS organized the press conference to the WOC 2008. This was held in the hotel TENNIS CLUB in Prostějov.


From WOC organizers were present Dušan Vystavěl (national adviser), Tomáš Rak (TK PLUS marketing manager responsible for WOC 2008) and Petr Kadeřávek (WOC media director). Also the currently best Czech orienteers Dana Brožková and Michal Smola, together with Czech team leader Radek Novotný, took part, arriving directly from the last training camp before WOC 2007. Two guests of honour were invited, Mr. Ivan Kosatík, marshal of the Olomouc region and Miroslav Černošek, head of TK PLUS. Both of them were gifted by Dana and Michal with symbolic, but very first start numbers for O-Festival, the six-days public race, which will be organized parallely to the WOC 2008, and partly (three stages) in the same locations. During the conference, the Bulletin No. 2 was unveiled, which brings disclosing of the competition areas.

The participants of the conference were naturally also informed on this years‘ championships, which at that time had just one week to start.


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