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Dear friends of orienteering,
we welcome you at the Orienteering Festival 2008 – accompanying event of WOC 2008, organised by the Czech Orienteering Federation with cooperation of KOB Konice and SK UP Olomouc.

Event Centre and Event Office:
Olomouc, student's hostel „Generála Svobody“,  Šmeralova 12

 DateEvent Office in the Event Centre
Event Office in the Arena
Stage Arena
Sat 12.7.  12:00 - 22:00
Sun 13.7. 10:00 - 15:00 and 19:30 - 22:00
Mon 14.7. 17:00 - 21:00
8:00 - 14:00
Čechy pod Kosířem
Tue 15.7. 8:00 - 10:00 and 19:00 - 21:00
11:00 - 17:00
Wed 16.7. 17:00 - 21:00 8:00 - 14:00
Bělkovice - Lašťany
Thu 17.7. 21:00 - 22:00
9:00 - 18:00
Stará Ves u Rýmařova
Fri 18.7. 17:00 - 21:00
8:00 - 14:00
Sat 19.7. 8:00 - 10:00
11:00 - 18:00

Accommodation at student's hostel „Generála Svobody“  is necessary to leave until 21. 7. , 9:00. Every club will receive their room numbers at the registration, they will be also published on the notice boards. Every single person is obliged to register at the reception in order to obtain the keys, the details requested are ( Name and Surname , Date of Brith, Passport/ID card number, Country of Residence, Date of Arrival, Date of Departure and number of nights). Every room has only 1 key, which must be left at the reception everytime you leave the building.
Every person will also receive a card, which is to be shown at the reception in order to get the key from the receptionist. The reception is open all day and night, except 0:00 to 0:30.

Food is served at the University restaurant, close to the event centre. Meal serving times will be published in the Event Centre. From Monday 14.7. there is a possibilty to order food ( Breakfast, Dinner). Price of one meal is 70,- CZK. Meals can be ordered in the Event Centre until 12:00 (NOT in the Event Arenas) the day before  
(eg. until 12:00 on Sunday you can order food  for Monday).

There is enough parking space close to the accommodation (see the map). Parking here is free of charge. Parking free of charge is also available in the locations of  stages 1 and 3 ( Čechy pod Kosířem and Bělkovice – Lašťany ). Parking fee is 50 CZK per car in other stage locations.

Bus Transport:

Competitors, who have ordered transport to the stages of OF08 will receive a ticket at the event office. The bus stop is located in Šantova street ( about 400m from the student's hostel, see attached map). All the buses will depart at the same time. Transport back from the stages will take place continually, a bus will depart as soon as it is filled up, the departures beginning as shown in the table below.
There is also a possibilty to purchase bus tickets for WOC Relay, which takes place on Sunday 20th July in Skřípov. Tickets will be sold at the Event Office for 50 CZK/person.

 DateDeparture from Olomouc (Bus stop at Šantova street)
Stage Arena
Departure back from the Arena
Mon 14.7. 8:00
Čechy pod Kosířem 
First bus at 12:00 - Last bus at 14:00
Tue 15.7. 10:00
DalovFirst bus at 15:00 - Last bus at 17:00
Wed 16.7. 8:00Bělkovice - LašťanyFirst bus at 12:00 - Last bus at 14:00
Thu 17.7. 9:00
Stará Ves u RýmařovaFirst bus at 17:00 - Last bus at 20:00
Fri 18.7. 8:00
Olešnice First bus at 12:00 - Last bus at 14:00
Sat 19.7. 10:00
SkřípovFirst bus at 16:00 - Last bus at 18:00
Sun 20.7. 8:00SkřípovFirst bus at 15:00

Classes P and HDR:
Classes P3 and P5 are intended for general public, regardless of age or sex. Class HDR intended for children with parents. In classes P3, P5 and HDR the competitor chooses his/her start time in the range 00 – 120. The gap between competitors from one class should be at least 1 minute. There is a special corridor at Start for these classes. For these classes it is possible to register even for a single stage on the  competition day up to the number of pre-prepared places.

Punching system:
SportIdent. Rental of SI card costs 50 CZK per stage. If a rented card is lost, 1000 CZK is to be paid.

Four best stage results are counted into the overall classification. Into overall classification will be counted all the competitors who will take part in at least 2 stages of OF.

Will be available in the Event Arenas.

You compete at your own risk. Competition is directed by the  Rules of Orienteering.
First aid is provided only after competitor finishes the race in the Arena.
Any further medical treatments are at competitor's own expenses.

Further information will be displayed on noticeboards at the Event Centre.

Harmonogram závodů:

Etapa E1
E4 ***
Datum Po 14.7 Út 15.7.
St 16.7.
Čt 17.7.
Pá 18.7.
So 19.7.
Místo konání Čechy pod Kosířem
Bělkovice - Lašťany
Stará Ves u Rýmařova
GPS 49°33'1" N, 17°2'13" E  49°47'54" N, 17°20'51" E  49°40'19" N, 17°19'45" E  49°58'9" N, 17°12'30" E  49°41'39" N, 16°55'58" E  49°34'11" N, 16°49'4" E  
centrum - parkoviště 25km
parkoviště - aréna do 1000m
do 1000m
do 500m
aréna - start (modrobílé fáborky), převýšení 1300m, 100m 500m, 10m
1900m, 50m 4500m, 50m
1200m, 20m
800m, 20m
aréna - cíl 0m
Start 10:00
Trať klasická

Velký Kosíř 1:15000  

Pomezí 1:15000
Komolá 1:10000
Ostroh 1:10000Rachavy 1:10000 Nové Sady 1:10000 
Ředitel závodů Jindřich Smička 
Hlavní rozhodčí Miroslav Hlava 
Stavitel tratí Marek Otruba Josef Hubáček
Petr Hynek
Daniel Vláčil
Josef Procházka
Jaroslav Kačmarčík
Vedoucí závodní kanceláře Zuzana Štrajtová 

***Note for Stage 4 – Stará Ves
Parking is located between the WOC arena and the finish of OF08, which are 4000 m from each other. Therefore we offer Shuttle Bus Service from parking to start and from the finish back to parking.
Control descriptions for this stage will be situated at the IT post near the finish.

Gigasport Cup – promotional event:
For the participants of OF08, WOC 2008 and for visitors of Olomouc is prepared on Wednesday 16.7. 2008 an orienteering competition near Gigasport Shop in Olomouc (Retail park Haná, close to highway to Prostějov). Two courses are prepared, one easy for public and other longer for orienteers) Start is from 16.00 till 18.00. The best competitors on each course in classes: Children, Youth, Adults and Veterans and a number of randomly chosen competitors will receive valuable prizes from Gigasport.

Event centre map: in the PDF downloadable version (see top of the page)

Title sponsor

CEZ Group


Government partners

The Olomouc Region
The City of Olomouc
The City of Prostějov



TK Plus
Czech Orienteering Federation