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Internet connection – preliminary info

03/24/08 23:22 PM
The exact technical conditions are still subject of negotiations and investigation of possibilities given by conditions in arenas 
, but in general the internet connection should be available as follows:

-    media center Neředín – two computer rooms with computers connected to internet, we suppose to offer there wifi connection there as well. (paid services, see the registration form)
-    media center at arenas – wifi connection available. We suppose to be able to secure at least 2 Mb upload. (paid services, see the registration form)
-    hotel Flora – wifi connection is available in the foyer and upto the sixth floor. In the covered part of the hotel, there are mainly DELUX and LUX rooms and a few of others (1 x STANDARD, 3 x SUITE, 2 x DELUX SPECIAL). In case of request of a room with wifi signal, we recommend note this in the notice field in accrediation form.

As can be understood from the registration form, internet connection and using desktop computers in the media center will be paid service, upon its ordering.

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