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Registration form and notes to some its items

03/24/08 23:18 PM
In February, registration form for accreditation of media members was published at this WOC website. 
You can see and book there all the possibilities and offered services. The earliest registered, please note, that a couple of services were added to the form a little bit later and you can consider them after entering the registration form again:
- accommodation – there is possibility to choose particular type of accommodation;
- accommodation period – it is possible to book until 21 July not just 20 July. This might be welcomed by those, who would like to take part in banquet, which will be on 20 July evening.
- transportation – it is possible to book transportation from Olomouc to the WOC events arenas secured by organizers;

Using the password, which was/will be sent to you after filling in the registration form, you can return to the form and correct or update your data.

Here you can see a map of Olomouc with location of hotel Flora and event centre (where also media centre will be located).

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