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Big words of thanks and Good bye!

07/21/08 19:36 PM
The 25th World Orienteering Championship crossed its finish line and became a history now. Its organisers, Czech orienteering federation and TK Plus marketing agency, thus would like to say a big words of thanks to all who came to Olomouc.

Big thanks to all competitors, leaders and other supporters. Big thanks to all over 300 volunteers, which might also be proud of sharing on the event, which forever will be written in the Czech orienteering history and for sure will stay in memories of all participants for long time. Big thanks to sponsors, all other cooperators and suppliers, including the Czech army, who provided substantial material support. Big thanks to Czech television, for its enthusiasm and effort, which lead to one of the biggest ever orienteering TV coverages and helped thus to bring our wonderful sport closer to people. Big thanks to thousands of spectators, who created unforgettable atmosphere in the arenas. And thanks also to weather, which wasn’t 100% ideal, but still for sure good enough and contributed to the success of the 2008 WOC too.
We wish all the competitors good luck both in Hungary next year and at any other race, they are going to run and we also hope that you are convinced now that it worths to come to our country again and thus we believe to see you here at some other orienteering events again!.

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